Work Management Assessment

This assessment contains one question for each work process within the Work Management work stream.  For each question, select one of four categories that best describes your organization’s maturity level.
The maturity level descriptions are also represented in the Work Management Maturity Matrix for reference as you complete the assessment.
Work Management Maturity Matrix

Work Management Assessment

1. Work Identification (WID)

Question 1 of 7

2. Work Approval (WAP)

Question 2 of 7

3. Urgent Work Preparation (UWP)

Question 3 of 7

4. Work Planning (WPL)

Question 4 of 7

5. Work Scheduling (WSC)

Question 5 of 7

6. Work Execution (WEX)

Question 6 of 7

7. Work Closeout (WCO)

Question 7 of 7


What happens when you complete an assessment?

You will receive an email with the results of the assessment for your records. Life Cycle Engineering also has access to assessment results.

Combine results from multiple assessments

Use the assessment results workbook to create a single table of assessment scores and view results from multiple members of your team in one place.